The Nation Rediscovers Voc Ed

from Technology & Learning

In this month's issue we examine the evolution of what some of us remember as vocational education. Kids in that "non-academic" track didn't have the luxury of knowing four years of college still buffered them from the sobering world of real work, so the attitudes in those classrooms were pretty no-nonsense.

In "Career Education in the Digital Age," Greg Kane, supervisor for Technology Education, Engineering, and Agricultural Education in the state of Connecticut, remembers the era of building shoeboxes in wood shop. "School's not like that and society's not like that anymore," he says. "We have to have the ability to tool and re-tool with change." Also weighing in on the subject are experts such as Autodesk's Paul Mailhot and Cisco Networking Academy's Gene Longo who bring us up to speed on the international trends setting global standards for Career and Technology Education. You may be surprised at what CTE has to teach traditional core curriculum in the digital century.

We're also pleased to showcase a Point of View from education expert Kathy Schrock, who brings her library/media specialist perspective to bear on the issue of authenticating user-posted information in Web 2.0 environments ("Critical Evaluation in the Collaborative Era").

This issue we also address the crucial area of bandwidth in schools. In "How Fast Is Fast Enough," Karen Greenwood Henke explains what your district should take into account today to prevent a bandwidth crisis tomorrow.

And if you're considering a tablet implementation, you'll want to check out Miguel Guhlin's "Tablets Dispensed," for a tablet comparison chart and for key questions to ask vendors.

Also be sure not to miss Jeff Branzburg's How To on the safe use of YouTube video in the classroom ("You Can Take It With You,") and the latest tips from experts on securing E-rate funds in Bottom Line.

Susan McLester
Editor in Chief