T&L News(3)

  • More than half of the respondents to CDW-G’s third annual survey of teachers’ technology use say that computer technology has changed how they teach “a great deal.†Just over half (54%) report integrating technology into their daily curriculum, while 86% use computers routinely for administrative tasks. Read more survey results.
  • Two Seattle-area school districts have launched high tech pilots – both featuring computer immersion with student laptops and tablet PCs. By using technology to engage students, the districts aim to improving student learning. Learn about the different models.
  • The Blount County, TN school system is using an online survey to gather public input about a new high school. The community is being asked about how big the school should be and what sports they’d like to have at the school, while teachers are being queried about the physical organization of the new school and scheduling preferences.
  • High schoolers in Everett, Washington avoided the traditional lines associated with class registration, instead creating their schedules via the Internet. Since the system works on a first come first served basis, students get up early on registration day to log on and indicate their choices of teachers and time periods.
  • A group of scientists are on a quest to learn more about the processes that fuel a hurricane’s strength. The goal of their 45-day field project is to enable forecasters to predict trends in the landfall strength of a hurricane 12 to 24 hours before it reaches shore. Read about their project.