T&L News(80)

Week of: June 4, 2007

  • But Do They Work?
    New research from the Maine Education Policy Institute may help with the ongoing debate about the effectiveness of one-to-one computing programs.
  • Teens Take the Global Challenge
    During the 2007 Global Challenge, teams of US high school students collaborated with international counterparts to address the theme of Global Climate Change and the Future of Energy.
  • Never Too Young
    First graders at Westmount Elementary School in Moose Jaw, Canada learn to blog right along with their math facts and writing lessons.
  • Gateway to the Future
    In Gateway High School's Classrooms of the Future, interactive white boards are an important element in helping teachers integrate technology with everyday instruction.
  • Google To Digitize Indian Manuscripts
    Google will digitize some 800,000 books and manuscripts for the University of Mysore, in Karnataka, India, including some written on palm leaves.