Verso Learning Launches New Student-Teacher Feedback Tools at FETC

verson learning logo

Verso Learning, provider of classroom feedback and collaboration tools, will be showcasing their education tools at this year’s upcoming FETC conference.

In its latest update, Verso has added a new feature designed to collect student-to-teacher feedback at the end of a lesson to enable formative assessment. Exit Tickets elicit student responses to questions related to a lesson or activity and provide the teacher with immediate feedback on the extent to which their students have understood a learning intention, what strategies were most effective in the lesson, and how the students felt about their learning. 

Verso also enables teachers, coaches, and mentors to share insights and provide structured feedback for other teachers. Teachers build lessons using Verso’s lesson builder, then use feedback from  those sources to refine and improve their pedagogical approach and lesson designs. 

At FETC, Phil Stubbs, Verso’s director of  education, will be presenting two sessions about how this cycle of feedback gives students ownership over their own learning:

Using Vocabulary to Design the Journey from Surface to Deep, a collaborative workshop demonstrating research-based strategies for transferring ownership of learning from teacher to student and developing deeper connections to learning

Collaborative Classrooms: Surface to Deep in 50 Minutes, focused on simple strategies to more fully engage students in their own learning.