Web access to learning software eases districts' budgets

In these tough economic times, school districts are seeking innovative ways to lower their total cost of ownership for technology, while expanding access to these technologies to a broader range of students. A new application platform may help districts save time and money by providing web-based access to the Fast ForWord Series.

Fast ForWord is a family of educational software products based on research into how the brain learns. The products can improve student achievement by one- to two-years in as few as eight to 12 weeks, according to the maker, Scientific Learning.

Schools no longer need to install the Fast ForWord software at each student station. Instead, SciLEARN Enterprise application can be deployed as a web-based product from a single server at the district level. Districts can then concurrently deploy the Fast ForWord software across the district.

“By providing web-based access to each Fast ForWord product, SciLEARN Enterprise application significantly reduces technology costs and saves hours of staff time for installation and support in each computer lab,” said Andy Myers, president and chief executive officer.