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Webinar alert—Enhanced Print-Based Learning: 4 Things Education and IT Leaders Should Know

(Image credit: Epson)

Next to the death of the textbook, the idea of the paperless classroom has been one of the most hotly contested ideas in edtech. Tech&Learning has covered the back and forth for years now. Well, we're still waiting!

Obviously paper is not going anywhere soon. And thanks to other emerging technologies it can have an even greater affect on teaching and learning. Join me, edtech experts, and your peers on August 15th at 2 PM EST for interactive webinar, Enhanced Print-Based Learning: 4 Things Education and IT Leaders Should Know, focused on the latest technology advancements in tools that enable print-based learning. 

We will discuss how these advancements reduce color printing and energy costs, as well as how they stimulate creative and critical thinking in the classroom.

You will learn:

How color increases student communication and productivity

New advancements making color printing affordable for education

Latest print tools providing more performance with fewer compromises

Solution options that schools/universities are using today to enhance print-based learning experiences

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