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FEATURES Facebook Faceoff It may be the most volatile question in education today—is there a place for social networking in schools? Check highlights from our ongoing online debate. Debunking the myths of open source in school Most open source stories can sound to good to be true, which (to confir

Is the title "computer teacher" still current?

Question: Can you explain if many school districts still use the old term "computer teacher" to teach technology skills? Or do they label them with a newer term? The IT Guy says: Some school districts still do employ teachers with the title "computer teacher," but I think the progressive trend is to hire teachers

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The Answer Is …

By Ellen Ullman Clickers. Audio response systems. Student response systems (SRSs). Whatever you call them, wireless response systems, which allow students to answer questions by means of handheld response pads, are the answer to some teachers’ prayers. SRSs take the

NSBA Honors Districts For Use Of Technology

The National School Boards Association’s Technology Leadership Network has named four school districts Salute Districts in recognition of their focus on technology to promote student achievement ¦  Dysart Unified School District (Surprise, AZ) This rapidly growing 24,000 student district, just