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Web Resources

Promethean has partnered with Thinkronize to allow users of Thinkronize's netTrekker d.i. to access Promethean lesson plans and resources via their PCs or Promethean ACTIVboard whiteboards. The initial partnership will make over 500 Promethean lesson plans available to netTrekker subscribers at no extra cost.

ETS has upgraded its Instructional Data Management System (IDMS). The Web-based IDMS 6.1 features a new online student assessment component, new grade book tools, and enhanced test-builder capabilities, and continues to allow teachers to create formative assessments and align their curricula and lesson plans to state standards.

Siboney Learning Group's online program Writing Links provides tutorials, exercises, and tests to students; gives instantaneous feedback; and records student scores in teachers' electronic grade books. The program can be accessed from home or school. Site licenses start at about $1,000 for 50.


This datalogger, from iScience project, is about half the size of an iPod Shuffle.

The HOBO Pendant, a compact, wearable datalogger from iScience Project, is now available with Mac-compatible software. The Pendant links directly to a computer via a USB port and allows students to measure temperature and light in any environment. The device costs about $39. Software is sold separately.

Dell's Intelligent Classrooms combine computer hardware with content and professional development to create complete teaching and learning environments. Intelligent Classrooms are now available in two specific modules: The Math and Science module combines Dell computers with Fourier data loggers, while the English, Foreign Languages, and Social Science module pairs Dell computers with online learning tools from Questia and netTrekker d.i.


Total Traffic Control 6.0, a security solution from Lightspeed Systems, has content filtering and spam-blocking capabilities as well as bandwidth management and layered security.

GroupSmarts's MemoryMiner, a pilot program for Macs, lets students link photos with audio and video clips to create digital stories and documentaries about their family histories.