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FrontRow ToGo

Virtual Ink's Mimio Interactive is a portable device that attaches to a whiteboard and allows educators to run programs from a desktop or laptop computer using a projector. It can also be attached to walls and other surfaces. Mimio Interactive lets users save what is written on the whiteboard to be sent via e-mail or posted on the Web. Runs on Macs and PCs.

The CP-X253 LCD projector from Hitachi weighs 3.9 lb., has 2,000 lumens brightness, and a wide-angle lens. The projector has two RGB inputs, an RGB output, one audio output, and a 1W internal speaker. Removing the unit from a ceiling mount requires a PIN code, thus discouraging theft.

Califone's PI-30 Series array speakers are meant to allow educators to be heard evenly throughout the classroom without excessive reverb. The PI-30 has 16 selectable UHF channels and has dual line-in and RCA ports.

InFocus's Learn Big IN32 and IN34 digital projectors offer 2,000 and 2,500 lumens respectively, XGA resolution, and a weight of 5.2 lb. Each projector features multiple computer inputs, security codes, and color-coded cables for ease of use.

FrontRow ToGo is a classroom sound system that includes a wireless microphone, a receiver/ speaker unit, and a uc0u8232 charger. Schools can opt for a student microphone and a carrying bag.


Discovery Education's One Place is digital resource management software that lets administrators and educators control subscription and locally created digital content. Content is searchable, and One Place also offers live Webcasting services.

Excelsior Software 's Pinnacle Analytics provides multiple administrators the ability to access simultaneously wide-ranging student assessment and reporting information that exists in various locations and programs.

Constructor by Leading Step

Constructor by Leading Step encourages students to learn about grammar (including verbs, nouns, objects, and identifying parts of a sentence) on handheld devices running Palm OS. The game includes hundreds of sentence structures presented in a puzzle format that gets more challenging as uc0u8232 students progress.

OnScreen DNA Lite for Windows is an interactive virtual model meant to help students understand the 3-D structure of DNA. It simulates the separation and reconnection of DNA strands and lets students rotate the model in order to identify chemical bonds and component molecules.


Hotmath.com provides explanations for more than 150 math textbooks commonly used in U.S. middle schools and high schools. The site also offers algebra review lessons.

Famundo for Organizations is designed to make calendar scheduling between administrators, educators, and students easier. The free Web-based tool offers a central area where school and classroom events can be viewed, including when those events are canceled or changed.

School Help Desk is a Web-based application that is installed on a district's Windows server. Educators can submit help tickets online for district tech support to review and categorize. Tech support can write custom help modules to address the most common questions posed by their district's educators.

Curriculum Associates is offering podcasts designed to help educators stay current and informed about education trends, as well as how to use the company's products. The first two podcasts are focused on writing, and future topics will include ELL and early childhood outcomes.

TeachAde is an interactive K-12 Web site that allows educators to share and access resources and class lessons, from Word documents to videos. Educators can discuss curriculum issues and take advantage of professional development resources.

The eChalk 7.5 Online Learning Environment has new personalized Web site features for schools as wells as planning and organizational tools for educators. The hosted services includes Lesson Planner, a tool that allows administrators to distribute curriculum and teachers to plan standards-based lessons.

The National Academy of Sciences has unveiled, www.iwaswondering.org/, a Web site geared toward encouraging girls to become interested in science. Hosted by Lia, a cartoon teenager, the site includes resources for the classroom as well as profiles of women scientists.

Blue Zones Quest is a three-week exploration of small Central American villages that boast some of the longest-living humans in the world. Starting January 29, the scientists and journalists involved in this project will be directed by students who can vote at the site.


The Software and Information Industry Association has released a software implementation checklist designed to help schools ensure that technology is properly installed and implemented in classrooms and labs.