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Tool Factory's B/D Letter Olympics, a reading program created to help dyslexic students in K-2 distinguish between lowercase letters b and d, uses sports like golf, tennis, and skiing to distinguish between the two letters.

GenavaLogic Vision 6 lets educators supervise student computer use.

GenevaLogic's Vision6 classroom management software allows teachers to supervise students' progress, monitor browsing, share computer screens, and remotely control students' computers. Version 6.1 offers faster connection, expanded video card support, and more information on student usage.

The latest release of Toon Boom Animation's Toon Boom Studio V3.5 includes updates to tools like the Select Scene Operator, Color Transform, Gradient Mapping, and Contour Editor.

MakeMusic's latest version of its music notation software, Finale 2007, features updated linked parts, integrated video support, and runs natively on Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs as well as Windows-equipped computers.

TypeIt4Me 3.0 for Macs makes typing faster by expanding user-set abbreviations.

Auralog's latest version of the TELL ME MORE series, TELL ME MORE Premium Version, offers language learners real-time progress evaluations, the ability to convert CD audio to MP3, 850 hours of instruction, 4,500 exercises, and is available in Spanish, English, French, German, and Dutch.

Prevalent Devices's Phraze-It has a new on-screen PDA keyboard with larger buttons to increase ease of typing.

Spanish-speaking students can learn how to type in English from Spanish instructional support with Bytes of Learning's UltraKey 5.0.

SchoolDude's Web-based information technology asset management system, ITAMDirect, helps IT administrators manage school IT assets with features that facilitate monitoring, reporting, planning, and life-cycle costing.

With the updated Adobe Captivate 2 instructors can create Flash-based content without learning Flash, develop interactive software simulations with no programming skills, and integrate these capabilities with existing tools and learning management systems. New features include updated tutorials, FLV support, ability to export to Flash 8, instant step-by-step documentation, and new customization options.


PARAT Solutions' mobile intelligent transport cart, PARADIDACT, allows users to charge, store, transport, and administer updates or synchronize up to 32 notebooks at a time.

Valcom's school intercom system, MultiPath XP, replaces existing intercoms by replacing the head end intercom control system. MultiPath XP uses existing cable, speakers, call buttons, and telephone system. It features master clock functionality and schedule set-up and changes.

The Califone PowerPro SD P.A. comes with a built-in CD player.

The PowerPro SD P.A. from Califone, features support of the MP3 format with a high-speed USB 2.0 port and built-in port for Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. This new version is equipped with a built-in CD player. The system is fully wireless, can transmit wirelessly to speakers in a 300-foot range, and comes with two UHF receivers.


Duke University law professors Keith Aoki, James Boyle, and Jennifer Jenkins unravel the murkiness that is copyright law and fair use in their comic book, Bound by Law?. The main character, Akiko, discovers the difficulties and benefits of copyright law and how it affects creative types from bloggers to movie makers to video-loggers. Free download available.

Weatherclassroom.com, a collaboration between the Weather Channel and Topics Education, offers educators supplements to weather-related curricula and homework help, articles, and a dictionary and glossary for students. Weatherclassroom.com is free.

Inspire! Online from Learning Change is an online portal where after-school teachers and program leaders can find sample lessons (some are podcasts that can be downloaded to MP3 players), connect with other teachers in Inspire! Online chatrooms, and gain access to more than 100 customizable activities.

Nystrom's Maps101 is an online learning resource that offers more than 200 K-12 lesson plans; over 4,000 printable maps, daily and weekly articles about current events, quizzes, and games; and up-to-date world and U.S. reference atlases.

Room-based Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing continues to be popular in schools across the country. Here are some of the latest offerings.

Polycom's VSX 7000e was designed for situations in which the camera and video systems must be separated. VSX 7000e is configured for groups of up to 40 people. It functions with flat-panel displays, plasma screens, and LCDs and is equipped with Pro-Motion and stereo surround. The VSX 5000 entry-level videoconferencing system was created for smaller groups and spaces.

Tandberg's Edge 95/85/75 MXP for small-to-medium groups comes standard with H.264, joins up to four video and three audio sites, and accommodates live presentations through PC and audio plug-ins or LAN connections. The Profile 8000 MXP comes with a choice of network (up to 2 Mbps ISDN or external network, 4 Mbps IP, and 6 Mbps in MultiSite); H.264 codec standard; capabilities to join up to six video and five audio sites; and embedded encryption.

Sony's PCS-G50 system delivers IP-based video using H.264 and H.263 standards, as well as older ITU-T standard video codecs. The system is capable of supporting up to six audio sites and offers a wireless remote control and built-in data sharing.

Vega X5 from Aethra Worldwide Communications is a high-performance video conferencing set-top designed for medium-to-large groups. Vega X5 connects as many as eight sites, has embedded XGA ports that provide simultaneous dual-stream video, supports up to three monitors, can easily upgrade from BRI to PRI, and supports a variety of video codec standards including H.264.

Tandberg Edge 95/85/75 MXP is designed for medium-sized groups.