Which Hat Are You Wearing?

Are you a trainer, a mentor, or a coach? Here's how to tell:

A trainer:

  • May be an expert on a particular subject or strategy.
  • Presents workshop, lecture, demonstration and/or hands-on practice sessions.
  • Rarely works one-on-one but could work in small focused groups.
  • Can be an "edutainer" - someone who likes standing in front of large groups of teachers.

A mentor:

  • Designs or co-authors a model lesson to share with colleagues.
  • Works with colleagues to find best curriculum projects.
  • Assists others to develop lessons or to use technology.
  • Works one-on-one or with small focused groups.

A coach:

  • Helps mentors find their areas of expertise.
  • May have skills as both trainer and mentor.
  • Works as a facilitator or co-architect in the design of curriculum and technology integration.
  • Points to resources.
  • Develops support materials that others can use.

Although it is very rare for one person to have the qualities of all three, you may be expected to be all three for your school or district.. But when you take on a role, just be sure which you are supposed to be for the Professional Development to which you are assigned.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

Image from:My eCoach eLibrary