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Writing and Publishing Portals

Web portals provide convenient 1-stop gateways to special interest topics. If you have an interest or hobby there's probably a "portal" Web site just for you! Typically, portals greet visitors with a comprehensive directory of theme-related resources organized alphabetically by topic. Click a link and the
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Web portals provide convenient 1-stop gateways to special interest topics. If you have an interest or hobby there's probably a "portal" Web site just for you! Typically, portals greet visitors with a comprehensive directory of theme-related resources organized alphabetically by topic. Click a link and the gateway opens onto a digital deli of resource delights. A Search facility lets you track down specifics. In this Web round up, we explore writing and publishing portals for student and teacher authors of all ages and abilities.

Novice and accomplished writers interested in knowing more about the dynamics of writing and publishing should make the scene at LitScene. This portal provides access to nearly 3200 theme-based sites offering tips, advice, discussion forums, support communities and just about any resource a writer could need. Get help with publishing, find an agent, locate a competition to show off your best work, or track down a site where you or your students can share the "write" stuff.

Writing-Portal.com Directory
At this no frills directory of nearly 3000 sites geared to writing and publishing, you'll find a list of resources organized alphabetically into 26 categories. Topical links take you to Web pages with more information about book writing, conferences, contests, creative writing, fiction, non-fiction, screen writing, and help for young writers.

Writing genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. At this portal you can select an editor (based on personal profiles, credentials, number of pages edited and criteria you deem important), then submit your document for editing. The site offers editing services from more than 250 professionals, automating the editing process by providing a virtual gateway to document submission, cost calculations, and editing reports. Be cautious! Large projects can cost a bundle.

eTeachers Portal.com
Offering practical advice to educators who teach literacy, writing and English, eTeachers Portal also provides space at Kids on the Net where youngsters can go to publish their writing, read book reviews and advice from established authors, and explore stories and poems written by peers. Every creative writing submission is checked and approved by a real live editor before being published.

More than just a job-search portal, WorkTree.com offers links to sites with resumé tips and examples in addition to links to sites with help and information on writing cover letters and thank you notes. Learn how to put your best foot forward in a résumé that will help you land that all-important summer job, internship, or teaching position.

Writing Smart
For writers just starting out and those with gobs of writing experience, this site compiles helpful writing resources. Find information about copywriters, how to write, and technical writing. There are also one-click links to sites with information about hiring an agent.

Transitions Abroad
Looking for ways to see the world as you pen your Pulitzer. At this portal for writers who want to travel around the world while promoting their work, you'll find helpful tips about travel writing from folks who write while they travel. There is also information about working, studying and living abroad, general book publishing and marketing information, press trip resources and sample writer's guidelines for travel print and digital magazines.

Google Directory: Blog Publishing
Learn virtually everything there is to know about blog publishing at Google's Blog Publishers directory. By default, Google ranks resource listings in order of their "importance" with higher quality sites appearing near the top of the directory. Alternatively, you can click the "view in Alphabetical Order" link to sort Directory sites alphabetically.

My Paradigm: Online Writing Community
A wealth of writing tools and resources greets you at this Web portal designed for both inexperienced and advanced writers. The Paradigm Online Writing Assistant provides writing help in the form of an interactive, menu-driven, everything-you-wanted-to-know free guide to writing. You can explore site resources by choosing a discussion topic of interest (e.g., organizing, revising, editing, documenting sources, and more), reading several brief articles, and completing suggested activities.

NetRead: The Publishing Portal
This commercial site provides Web-based marketing services for publishers, but it has a free tool called EventCaster to help you get the word out about book signings and literary events (e.g., readings). Every week NetRead accepts event information from publishers, bookstores, and other organizations. It then broadcasts that information through cyberspace to hundreds of newspapers and Web sites with online calendars (like Yahoo and Digital City). What a great opportunity to get the word out about new writing from students, teachers and staff!

Inspirational Poetry Online: A Guide to Internet Resources
At this directory of worldwide poetry online, there are resources galore! Check out the Beginner's section with information about different types of poetry, styles and themes. Find out about poetry events, courses, competitions, and magazines. Read poet biographies and poems by the featured poets, learn about the poetry publishing world and get help at the "Help Centre."

Thinking about having your students start a magazine? To help them with the business of online magazine publishing, have them explore MagazineLaunch for tips on getting started, circulation management, content & design, marketing and publicity. This site has several free information-rich magazine writing and publishing resources.

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Web portals provide convenient one-stop gateways to special interest topics. The world of writing and publishing is no exception, and student and teacher authors of all ages and abilities can find a host of resources online. EditAvenue.com This site offers editing services from more than 250 professionals,

Design Your School Portal

My plate was already full, and yet the superintendent of schools delegated responsibility for the development of the district Website to the district’s technology department. At the time, I had the most experience with Web development, so I found myself volunteering to take on the job even though I had no idea

The Geodata Portal

The Geodata portal at King's College in London is a fantastic collection of geospatial applications that can be visualized and downloaded through a Google Earth or Google Maps interface. It employs region-based network links, which allow you to zoom into areas of interest to visualize the data. There are links for

Paleontology Portal

This portal of the University of California Museum of Paleontology provides access to the museum's research resources and fossil holdings.

Copyright and Fair Use

Legal and ethical behavior is an essential component of being a good digital citizen. A key factor of that behavior is knowing what content is and is not okay to use in an educational setting. For answers to all your questions and information on the legal doctrine called "fair use," visit the following Web

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The Power of Portals

While the phrase “school portal” may sound as dated as “information superhighway” or even “Don’t copy that floppy,” in fact the idea is finally becoming an effective solution for schools.

Collaborative Writing

Web-based collaborative writing tools offer a simple means to generate text exercises, research reports, and writing assignments in a collaborative mode. The authors discuss how Google Docs, ThinkFree, Zoho Writer, and WriteBoard can jazz up any writing curriculum.

Technology Integration and the Beacon School Portal

When the pundits first started looking at how the computer revolution could affect our schools, the first wave of theory looked at how computer and Internet technology could revolutionize the classroom. While that was an important piece of the puzzle, it really only told a small part of the story. The real potential

Online Tech Support

What do you do when a virus infects your computer, your printer stops printing, your favorite word processor crashes unexpectedly, or strange error messages display on your screen at startup? You might think that only the "techies" in the school IT department are capable of a tech fix feat. Heck no. Anyone can