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You’ve Got Mail – A Dozen Educators’ Newsletters

--> from Educators' eZine I wrote a short article, Keeping Up-To-Date On Web Resources in the July, 2007 issue of Educators eZine sharing a list of ten free email newsletters that I've found helpful to me in my work as a
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from Educators' eZine

I wrote a short article, Keeping Up-To-Date On Web Resources in the July, 2007 issue of Educators eZine sharing a list of ten free email newsletters that I've found helpful to me in my work as a teacher. There wasn't space to fit a complete list of my favorites. Here's a dozen more that I recommend:

Four for Science, Technology, Math

EduNews: the Exploratorium's Educator Newsletter
The famous "hands-on" science museum in San Francisco sends out this newsletter four times a year. It shares announcements about the museum's Webcasts, events, publications, and online resources.

Scientific American Weekly Review
This is a well-produced weekly bulletin from the magazine of the same name. They also have several other free newsletters, including one about the new Scientific American MIND publication, to which you can also subscribe.

USA Today Tech Briefing
The USA Today Tech Briefing is published each weekday. Even though it's not specifically education related, it always contains helpful info for educators, including the latest developments in science, space, and technology. USA Today also offers many other newsletters at this sign-up page.

Science Daily
Science Daily is emailed....daily and does a great job highlighting the latest news in science, the environment, technology and math.

Six for All Subjects

Newsletters 4 Teachers
A teacher has used the Yahoo groups service to create a central site of newsletters from different teaching Websites. You can get them forwarded to your Email or just go to the site itself.

Kathy Nunley's Educator's Newsletter
I get this newsletter, which comes out twice each month, primarily because of its section called "Hot Topics." It provides updates on the newest "brain-based research" and how it might be related to the classroom.

NEA Academy Newsletter
This is a brand-new newsletter that will start publishing in August, 2007. It will be a joint venture between AOL and the National Education Association. AOL is discontinuing a number of its school-related resources and is instead working with the NEA.

The Big Deal Book Bi-Weekly E-Newsletter
This is a free publication that offers articles, website reviews, and funding opportunities for K-12 educators.

Subscribe by sending the message "subscribe works4me" (without the quotation marks) to This is a weekly Email newsletter composed of teacher-contributed classroom hints. It's sent out by the National Education Association, but you don't have to be an NEA member to receive it. All you have to do is send in a simple request by Email.

Educational Cyberplayground:
Educational Cyberplayground is a long-established Website providing resources for educators. They publish weekly newsletters that share a variety of useful education news and resources.

For English Language Arts

The Web English Teacher is an excellent Website filled with resources for teaching English. This monthly newsletter shares new content that's been added to the site.

For Education Policy

CFK Weekly
The "Connect For Kids Weekly," published by the Forum For Youth Investment, provides timely policy news affecting youth and families, including reports on health, education, and child care.

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