PD goals for 2011

According to the recently released SETDA ARRA report, the substantial ARRA EETT investment in technology, innovation and K-12 education reform gave several states the ability to begin to address the demand for technology-based school improvement in a variety of ways. Take their lead and find ways you can impact your professional development goals for 2011 in the same manner. Highlighted below are some goals of a few states:

  • Provide teachers with high quality, needs-based technology integration professional development focused on teaching and learning in the one-to-one environment.
  • Identify online educational resources to support the integration of technology in teaching and learning.
  • Provide evidence that technology, when integrated into a 21st Century learning environment and supported by strong, on-going professional development, can produce positive changes that result in improved student learning.
  • Support teachers as they redesign curriculum to integrate technology into inquiry-based, student-centered, interdisciplinary, collaborative teaching practices that result in higher levels of student performance.
  • Encourage teachers to participate in an online professional learning community and yearlong leadership training.
  • Improve student academic achievement at low-performing schools by effectively integrating technology in teaching and learning in high-poverty, high-needs districts.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning