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  Maggie's Baby Robin: Maggie Arone, Grade 2, St. Bernard School, IN
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  Maggie's Baby Robin: Maggie Arone, Grade 2, St. Bernard School, IN



Bird or Dinosaur?

Investigation of Archaeopteryx, an animal whose fossilized remains first led scientists to suggest that birds and dinosaurs are related, takes learners through a consideration of all the things that make a bird a bird and a dinosaur a dinosaur. Richly

All About Birds

All About Birds One of the great attractions of this site is the ability to listen to the birds. Each bird is categorized with a picture, description, its cry, conservation status and "Cool Facts." There are tips for attracting birds as well as identifying them. Students can become actively involved

Bird in a Cage

 This is an online version of the famous "bird in a cage" illusion caused by a lingering afterimage. An additional image creates a "stars and stripes" illusion, illustrating the same effect. Stare for 20 seconds at a bird of a

Learning Bird Releases Version 3.0

Learning Bird announced today it has released a new 3.0 version featuring enhanced homepages, including the debut of a “Popular Lessons” section that showcases lessons users have rated positively.