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Black Box Corporation ( announced an enhanced version of its popular VGA Wireless Video Presentation System (VPS) that supports PDA connectivity and 4:1 split-screen projection. It also features a “plug and show” token for fast setup. The new, Plus version is an 802.11b/g receiver that plugs into any display device with a VGA port, enabling a roomful of laptop users to access a projector or other device from hundreds of feet away. The Plus works with both PC and Mac computers, supports communications with mobile PDA devices, and has features that enhance meeting productivity.
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Anthro Corporation

Anthro Corporation ( introduces Zido, a compact technology cart ready to customize for use with a computer lab. Zido is a small, sturdy mobile cart with a slate-blue-colored frame on four-inch casters. The Zido shelves have a weight capacity of 50 pounds, and the entire cart has a 150-pound overall weight limit. There are more than 16 options that can be added to Zido.

Hall of Black Achievement Gallery

Hall of Black Achievement Gallery The goal of the Hall of Black Achievement is to spotlight the accomplishments of African-Americans in the U.S. It covers the famous (Harriet Taubman, Marian Anderson) as well as the less well-known (Roland Hayes, a musician and composer). The site gives a brief

Black History Month(2)

The History Channel presents a video on the history behind Black History Month with numerous links to videos of key events, biographies of famous African Americans, the history of Civil Rights, and much more. The audio and video clips come

Black Magic Activity

This activity provides instructions for discovering the secret colors hidden in a black marker.Most non permanent markers use inks that are made of colored pigments and water. How does Black Magic work? Why do some black inks separate into many

Black History Month

Black History Month Here are many ideas to use in your classroom for Black History Month. The Gross Point Schools have designed a matrix for the topics of Civil Rights, History and Places, Humanities, and People. They have also provided a column for sites that provide Interactive

The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords

This site is organized around Stanley Nelson's award winning documentary film, which explores the stories of the pioneers of black journalism. Features include an education study guide, timeline, film transcript, chat area, interactive activities, and sample lesson plan for younger

Top 12 Products from Black Box for 2016 promo image

Top 12 Products from Black Box for 2016

Black Box offers a range of solutions to help you build, manage, optimize and secure your network. Here’s a look at 12 innovative products from 2016 and how they might benefit you in the year ahead.