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Product: Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore

Inspired by the William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg animated short film of the same title, Moonbot’s Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore is an interactive storybook that artfully blends 2D and computer animation techniques with interactive fun for a whimsical look at reading.

Live on the Fly

Tip: Have you heard of the Pentop computer? It’s called The FLY, and it’s from LeapFrog. The FLY can do math, schedule activities, help you with homework, make music and play games. Use FLY TYPE on FLY paper and the pentop computer will read and understand what you write. Calculator Draw the

Flying Firsts

 An illustrated timeline of flying firsts, beginning with the hot air balloon (1783) and continuing through to the first completed international space station (2006). From PBS's Scientific American Frontiers. courtesy of netTrekker

I Want to Fly!

I Want to Fly! Toby the wizard wants to fly. Learn how three forces can help him accomplish this goal. Real world information and video can be found on this site, helping to further explain the properties of flight. Japan Science and Technology Corporation • Learning Games •

Fantastic Four

Activity uses four randomly selected numbers to create an equation that equals a fifth number.It gives students a chance to practice different mathematical operations and to practice writing equations correctly. Includes separate teacher leader version link at bottom of page.