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Discovery Education announces the debut of the Discovery Channel’s epic 11-part natural-history series, LIFE, on Discovery Education streaming Plus in late March, following the U.S. premiere of the series on television. LIFE is the definitive exploration of our planet’s living things and their spectacular, bizarre, and fascinating behaviors. Fulllength episodes, clips, and classroom resources aligned to state standards will be available to educators and students the day after each episode premieres on the Discovery Channel. Teachers’ guides and ancillary materials for three targeted grade bands (3-5, 6- 8, and 9-12) will promote critical thinking among students and will support educators in taking a cross-curricular instructional approach.Price: Contact company for pricing. Category: science
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Natural history series will be classroom resource

Discovery Education announces the debut of Discovery Channel 's 11 part natural history series, LIFE, on Discovery Education streaming Plus  in late March, following the U.S. premiere of the series on television.  Full length episodes, clips and classroom resources aligned

Life in a third world country

January 1 was Independence Day in Haiti. Ayiti The Cost of Life is a game that simulates life in Haiti. Players attempt to help the Guinard family make decisions about work, education, health care, and happiness that could help or

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Bring Learning to Life at ISTE

PolyVision® brings learning to life by engaging today’s teachers and students with simple, sustainable, evolving solutions—transforming education into inspired teaching and learning experiences.

Life on Mars

Life on Mars This site, from Scholastic, delves into past speculation that Mars could support life, beginning with the Italian astronomer Schiaparelli's talk about "canali" that he thought he could see on Mars and continuing up to modern science's examination of the meteorite from Mars discovered

Life of Galileo

 Rice University offers an impressive online project about Galileo Galilei, his life and work. Includes a glossary of terms, a timeline, maps, pictures, primary texts, family letters, and sketches. courtesy of netTrekker

Literature and Life

Literature and Life PBS explores African-American literature, from slave narratives to the work of contemporary artists. This comprehensive site explores the authors, era, and impact of the literature. There are also audio clip readings and video clip interviews.

Life of Jesus

Life of Jesus A timeline of the life of Jesus retold in simple language and illustrated with famous works of religious art. St. Norbert Arts Centre and Virtual Museum of Canada • Biographical Information • Pictures and/or Illustrations • High School Middle School

Life of the Bard

Accessible information about Shakespeare, including his family background, education, marriage, career, the "lost years," works and study materials. From the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, an independent charity that promotes the world's Shakespeare heritage.courtesy of netTrekker