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Adoption And Effects Of Gamification Reported

Adoption And Effects Of Gamification Reported

The $3.9 billion market for learning games is expected to grow to $8.9 billion by 2017, according to a research report by Ambient Insight. Capterra and TalentLMS teamed up to conduct a survey of LMS users and instructional designers in order to answer common questions about gamification and learning games in education. Key takeaways from the report include:

There has already been widespread adoption of both gamification (83%) and learning games (90%).
70% of respondents claimed gamification led to an increase in student scores.
83% of LMS users reported their students retained course content better using gamification.
The most popular gamification features were points (85%), progress bars (78%), and levels (76%).
The social gamification features desired least by users were activity feeds (16%), avatars (24%), and leaderboards (26%).

For more on who’s using gamification, how, and with what results, find a link to the full results at