Career Profiles

Name:Career Profiles

Brief Description of the Site:
So many students have so poor an understanding of the different jobs available when they’re ready to enter the work force. Because they rely on family or friends, or even worse the mass media, they often are the victims of misinformation. But this particular segment of this site can help. It allows students to search for careers in two conventional ways (alphabetically or by keyword) and two innovative ways (by ‘workgroup,’ or by salary). Suppose a student selects the top salary range ($64,500). Up comes a clickable list of careers, from Cardiovascular Surgeon ($137,400) to Court Administrator ($65,150). Clicking on any of the 50 careers brings up a thorough and well-written explanation of what the job entails, typical tasks, interests or skills necessary, and schooling required, plus a clickable list of similar careers. Searching by workgroup, as “Crafts – Electrical, Electronic†brings up another list with careers such as Cable Television Technician, Electrician, or Telephone Line Technician, and clicking on these brings up a thorough analysis, as before. The only problematic search area is Keyword: plugging in terms such as “outdoors†or “people†brought zero results, but here a teacher or counselor can help with the choice of search words.

How to use the site:
Every Career/College counselor should have this page bookmarked for students to use when researching future careers. Although it may not answer all questions it does provide a solid grounding in fact and thus a good starting place. English teachers and others can also use the site for something as straight-forward as career reports to a more creative use, such as researching for role-playing or other writing/speaking exercises.

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