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Common Sense Media: Things for Sale

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Advertisers count on media naiveté of children. Help your students become more analytical about the content and intent of consumer product websites that are geared to kids. This lesson plan for students in grades 2-3 includes the resources you need to meet the objectives of the lesson as well as National Educational Technology Standards.You will find commercial sites to explore, student activity sheets, a sheet that communicates with parents about the lesson, and an assessment piece. Your students’ heads won’t be turned by the flash of a website after completing this lesson.

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Sense and Dollars

Name: Sense and Dollars Brief Description of the Site: Maryland Public Television presents a site designed to teach teens about financial literacy. It's all about money: earning it, saving it, and spending it. With support from the CitiFinancial and Citigroup Foundation, the site looks to address the question,

Media Literacy

Media Literacy How much do you really know about media and your students? Take this PBS quiz designed for adults and, when done, click on the link that provides full explanations of each answer. Then, using your browser's 'back' button, return to the "test" page and find the very bottom link.