Converting Assessment Data Into Actionable Plans

Lexia Learning polled more than 200 educators at ISTE and found that there is a growing need to have assessments more quickly pinpoint skill deficiencies while rapidly providing teachers with connections to actionable data for immediate instructional planning. Findings included:

* 35% of the survey respondents felt that teachers at their schools had a high or very high level of comfort connecting data to instruction.
* 48% of respondents felt that their current screener assessments provide clear categorizations of which students were on track and which needed more attention.
* While 54 percent of respondents said that teachers in their schools have assessment data that tells them whether intervention plans are working, significantly fewer (only 37 percent) believed that their assessment data told them how to change an ineffective intervention plan currently in place.
* 83% of educators believe that screener assessments should take 30 minutes or less, however, less than half (47 percent) of the respondents indicated that their screener assessments could be administered within that timeframe.

These findings signify that combining assessments with guidance for adjusting interventions in accordance with student needs would be a major step toward making data-based instruction a reality for numerous classrooms.