Editor’s Note: ALL ABOUT ISTE

Have you recovered yet? I’m almost back to normal after the most intense weeks of the year for us here at Tech&Learning. First up, back in June, was our School CIO Summit, where more than 60 senior level administrators met at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia to discuss STEAM (don’t call it STEM!) and how to effectively implement next-generation ideas into last-generation district architectures. This was more than just talk. The leaders made presentations, pitched proposals, and debated the pros and cons of various strategies. Expect to see results from these conversations appearing in the pages of Tech&Learning in the coming months.

And then there was ISTE. Four days, more than 20,000 people, hundreds of get-togethers, and thousands of new products, services, and companies ready to serve the education market. This month’s issue is chock full of this new gear, including those products that participated in our Best of ISTE contest. Five of our advisors scoured the floor and picked what they thought would have the most impact in their classrooms. You can read about their selections starting on page 28. Also, be sure to go online to Tech&Learning Live @ISTE (http://tltechlive.techlearning.com/) to follow up on their selection process as well as our curated blog of the best Tweets, posts, interviews, party pics, and selfies. I like to think of it as the “go-to” site for ISTE and any other edtech event we have the pleasure to cover.

The vibrancy and enthusiasm of both events prove that there has never been a better time to be an edtech nerd. I hope you can take some of this information back with you to your schools this month and share the good news.
— Kevin Hogan
Content Director