While the Tech & Learning tagline, “ideas and tools for edtech leaders,” is our monthly editorial guide, this month’s issue flips the script.

Two features focus on the edtech leaders themselves. First, our annual list of most influential people contains what some may find surprising. While Richard Culatta, the new CEO of ISTE, and Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education, are obvious choices, child star Selena Gomez and financier Namit Bhatia may not be, until you read their profiles.

Second, our 2017 Leaders of the Year feature highlights educators from the Tech & Learning community. These visionaries exemplify extraordinary leadership when it comes to the implementation of technology in their schools, often working within budgetary restrictions and limited resources. Beyond just putting tools into the hands of teachers and students, they have also crafted the greater school community’s culture to welcome new ideas, techniques, and pedagogies, so that all stakeholders benefit and share the meaningful use of technology in their schools.

These educators are also valuable advisors to Tech & Learning. All three winners, and most of the finalists, participate at Tech & Learning Live and Leadership events, blog at techlearning.com, and share their best practices in these pages each month. Their ideas and tools are what drive Tech & Learning’s content and the editors deeply appreciate their efforts. Want to contribute to the Tech & Learning community yourself ? Sign up to attend one of our upcoming events this fall. Shoot me an email on a story idea from your district. Share with me who influences your work. Maybe next year, you’ll be featured in this issue!

— Kevin Hogan
Content Director