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Ed-Tech Research Leads to Successful Students

Tell us how your research efforts are creating the classroom of tomorrow
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Knowledge is power—and the best way to empower students is to provide their educators with the best possible resources. As an ed-tech product developer, your mission is just that.

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Getting there doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Research—whether primary, which you create, or secondary, which others create—is the path to learning what works and what doesn’t with your ed-tech product.

Ed-tech products that are based on solid research are more likely to lead to successful outcomes in teaching and learning than products created on assumptions. And fortunately, there are many opportunities to incorporate research throughout the product development cycle.

When research is incorporated into the early stages of design, it has the potential to guide the entire cycle. But even with products that are further along in the development process, user research on how the product is received and used in beta groups can lead to crucial tweaks that strengthen your offering. Finally, evaluation research can help show how your product has an impact on users.

Digital Promise wants to make sure educators have access to information on the products that are most effective, so they can make the best ed-tech purchasing decisions for their students and districts. This gives product developers a unique opportunity to have a positive influence on educational outcomes: as you conduct research to create a stronger product, you can help school districts and educators just by sharing the information you collect along your journey.

We are compiling developer stories to show how your research efforts are improving the lives and outcomes of students in the classroom. We hope you’ll share your experiences in helping schools achieve their goals through research, and in turn be confident that your products are guided by sound decision making.

Fill out this short application now to earn recognition for your efforts to use research, and to make a difference in student outcomes for years to come.



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