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The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest conferences for tech lovers.
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The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest conferences for tech lovers. Tech & Learning asked Mike Fisher, Associate Director, Education Division at Futuresource Consulting, to identify trends he saw in the edtech space:

● Overall, K–20 edtech had a bigger presence at CES this year. The edtech exhibition space was in the Sands Expo, but there was an edtech presence in other halls as well.

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● Coding and robotics were the main areas of focus.

● A number of products from both established companies and start-ups reflected the growing global focus on STEM learning and coding.

● LEGO attracted both crowds and press coverage for its LEGO BOOST product line, which is aimed at teaching younger kids to code.

● Robotics was a major theme, with everything from virtual assistants to toys, cleaning robots, and educational robots. Many, again, were linked to teaching kids to code. The KUBO robot, for example, accelerates learning not only in coding but also in math, language, and music, with its TagTile programming language.



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We asked our T&L and SchoolCIO Advisors to share what they saw as the biggest edtech trends of 2015. Here’s what they had to say.

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Top Ten EdTech Trends

According to a recent report by the NMC Horizon Project, “Technology Outlook for STEM+Education 2013-2018,” the following 10 trends have been identified as key drivers oftechnology adoptions in STEM+ education for the period of 2013-2018:

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