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eDynamic Learning

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eDynamic Learning offers over 50 high-quality online career and elective courses for middle-and high-school students. All courses include a comprehensive teacher’s guide and can be loaded into an existing LMS or housed by eDynamic on a customized LMS (free of charge). Teachers can also modify courses to meet student needs.

Quality and Effectiveness: Each eDynamic course features units with video introductions, readings (with accompanying podcasts), and assessments. The lesson materials are appropriate, flexible, and engaging and include lab activities, written assignments, and discussion questions. The assessments (ranging from quizzes to a final exam) test for knowledge at various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. A team of professional writers, teachers, and subject matter experts write the courses, which undergo rigorous reviews and are guided by the iNACOL standards as well as an internal quality rubric. Annual reviews for each course incorporate student and teacher feedback, and eDynamic’s support system tracks user issues and automatically updates courses with any immediately necessary changes. Professional graphic artists, Web designers, and voice artists create attractive, polished course materials that are accredited by AdvancED and many state education departments.

Ease of Use: The flexible nature of the course materials and automatic updates make it easy for schools to get started offering new elective courses. Users can load courses to their own LMS or house them on eDynamic’s servers with a BrainHoney domain, personalized with the school’s logo and colors. Subscriptions to courses include the full course package, 100% compatible with every LMS available, with rights to edit the content as well as a dedicated support desk account, a detailed (unit-by-unit) teacher guide for each course, help setting up gradebooks to ease teacher frustration, and access to new courses. eDynamic takes pride in building strong customer relationships and offers a variety of packages to meet the needs of each school.

Creative Use of Technology: With their professionally recorded narration and high-quality graphics, the courses are appealing and engaging for learners. The integration of the domains of Bloom’s Taxonomy ensures that students are doing more than rote memorization of information. All feature films within courses are specially licensed and formatted to play right in the LMS and offer closed captioning and unlimited viewing by students and teachers.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: eDynamic courses are very easy to integrate into existing school programs. Because they are complete courses and come with free support, teachers are able to load and offer the courses in no time. Customization (by the teacher or eDynamic) allows teachers control over their learning materials, and teachers can offer courses completely online or in a blended fashion. eDynamic courses also offer a balanced reading level that is both challenging and interesting for students.


eDynamic courses are well planned and well put together, age-appropriate, and flexible enough to be used in any middle-or high-school environment with a skilled teacher to help guide students and provide feedback. eDynamic’s personalized attention ensures that teachers and schools provide students with high-quality, highly engaging elective courses in an online environment.


The flexibility to load courses into any LMS or be hosted, teacher-editable files, and the option to offer courses in online or blended environments.
The professional quality of course materials, including written lectures, assessments, professional audio recordings, and high-quality graphics.
Automatic updates to course materials and access to new courses each semester, which means that courses will always be accurate and relevant.