Reviews Epson PowerLite 965H

Epson PowerLite 965H

Epson.comRetail Price: $645 through the Brighter Futures program

Quality and Effectiveness: The Epson PowerLite 965H projector, with its bright, colorful, clear image from short and medium distances up to 20 feet, is ideal for classroom use. Weighing just 6.4 pounds, it’s also relatively compact (11.6” x 10.6“ x 3.5”). Its bright, efficient bulbs are designed to last up to 5,000 hours in normal mode (3,500 lumens) and 10,000 hours in ECO mode (which uses 2/3 of the lumens while still displaying a very clear image).

Ease of Use: Software to communicate with the projector is easy to install using the CD that comes in the box. The PowerLite 965H also offers options to display two computers simultaneously and to display multiple devices through a network. An optional wireless LAN module is available to connect and display devices as well. Illustrated instructions are clear and easy to follow. A quick setup fold-out map has large headings, pictures, and a QR code to assist with every part of the setup process.

Creative Use of Technology: The PowerLite 965H has been creatively designed so that teachers can display materials from multiple devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows, using the free Epson iProjection app. With the Multi-PC Projection with Moderator function, up to 50 devices can connect via a network, and the projector can simultaneously display up to four of them. This flexibility enables students to collaborate, and makes it easy for teachers to instantly share and compare students’ projects.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Projectors enhance and support learning and collaboration, and the Epson PowerLite 965H, which was designed specifically for classroom use, builds upon advances in projection technology. Epson’s quality [and two-year warranty] and long bulb life offer savings to schools and districts over time.


The PowerLite 965H combines sophisticated technology with user-friendly features to meet the evolving needs for projection in today’s multi-device classrooms.


Purpose-built and flexible—Designed for classroom use and built to simultaneously display more than one device.
Cost savings—Epson provides an educational discount through the Brighter Futures program for this superior product, and its bulbs can last up to 10,000 hours in optional ECO mode (using only 2,400 of 3,500 possible lumens).
Remote control—This easy-to-use device includes unique features such as buttons to choose the devices to display on a split screen, a pointer, freeze frame, and the ability to zoom into a video or image for deeper analysis, as well as buttons to control brightness, contrast, tint, sharpness, and volume.