Funds for Learning Initial Survey Results Show Value of E-Rate

Changes in leadership in the White House and the FCC have raised questions regarding the promise of the E-Rate program to deliver broadband connections to students in the US. According to Funds For Learning’s annual survey of applicants, schools and libraries across the nation continue to rely on E-Rate funding to provide connectivity.

Key initial findings from the 2017 survey include:

● 87 percent of respondents said E-Rate funding is vital to their organization’s Internet connectivity goals.

● 79 percent said they have faster Internet connections to their sites because of E-Rate.

● 78 percent said they were able to connect more students and library patrons to the Internet because of the E-Rate program.

This year, approximately 1,100 applicants completed the survey, representing about five percent of all school and library applicants nationwide. Full results from the survey will be made available in the fall in an effort to aid policymakers, administrators, and other E-Rate stakeholders.