Geiger Gazette

Name:Geiger Gazette

Brief Description of the Site:
Tammy Geiger teaches third grade at St. Teresa School in Albany, GA. Her classroom Web site, the Geiger Gazette is a resource for her students and their parents. The site offers important classroom information such as dates for tests and homework assignments as well as links to educational games, student projects, a weekly newsletter, and links to games that reinforce the skills learned at school. The Geiger Gazette also provides a monthly calendar and school information.

How to use the site:
Students and parents come to the Geiger Gazette site to read the newsletter, which describes the topics and themes covered each week, and to peruse the photo album. They also review the weekly test and homework table to find out about test dates tests and when assignments are due. For fun and skill reinforcement, games and "create your own worksheet" links are offered. Vocabulary pages are also available. The site is updated each week to keep students and parents coming back for more.

Submitted by:
Tammy Geiger