Hitachi CP-X25LWN LCD Projector

Hitachi CP-X25LWN LCD Projector Price: $839 (contact retailer for possible education discount)

Quality and Effectiveness: Hitachi’s newest classroom and conference room LCD projector is lightweight and quiet, and its crisp display is ideal for use in classrooms and schools. It has two HDMI input ports to display content from two different sources. A lamp-life warranty—for five years or 10,000 hours—comes with the projector at no extra cost.

Ease of Use: It’s very simple to connect the projector to the computer, and the projector immediately recognizes and displays the screen. Each projector comes with a hard copy of the manual in addition to a CD with the e-manual. The manual includes detailed and comprehensive instructions (in four different languages) for setup, storage, replacing the lamp, and cleaning and replacing the air filter.

Creative Use of Technology: Hitachi considers specific uses and users for its products and improves projector functions, features, and efficiencies with each generation. The company designed this CP-X25LWN LCD projector especially for school classrooms and conference rooms.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: This projector could be easily integrated into a classroom, conference room, or any number of different settings in a school environment. Teachers, meeting facilitators, and technology teams will appreciate its ease of use, low maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, and long lamp life.


The Hitachi CP-X25LWN LCD projector is an efficient, reliable product that is easy to use.


• Has a colorful, precise display with 2,700 lumens.

• Is lightweight, quiet, and easy to use.

• Has many features welcomed by K–12 users, including long bulb life (5 years/10,000 hours), a 1.2 zoom lens, two HDMI input ports, and several ratios from which to choose the display size (4x3, 16x9, 16x10).