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Hubble Telescope

Explore the universe through the lens of the Hubble. Over one thousand high quality photos of planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies, complete with individual descriptions, can be viewed online and downloaded for printing and personal use. Be sure to tune into the HubbleSite podcast and to keep up with Hubble Space Telescope news, featuring the latest pictures and observations. A great place for teachers and students, covering "astronomy 101" and providing videos of various Hubble discoveries, interactive "tours" through space, and a wealth of Hubble- and space-related resources and links.

Space Telescope Science Institute

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Twenty-Five of Hubble's Greatest Hits

Twenty-Five of Hubble's Greatest Hits National Geographic presents 25 of the Hubble telescope's "greatest hits". This Flash-based feature allows users to travel over the course of 18 years to view astounding photographs of galaxies, nebulae, and supernovas. Detailed explanations accompany each

Science NetLinks: Sky Watching

This great lesson plan from the American Association for the Advancement of Science leads students to observing the night sky with the naked eye, then with binoculars, and ultimately with the telescope.

Colliding Galaxies

Colliding Galaxies We're going to crash! Billions of years from now our galaxy will collide with the Andromeda galaxy. Those who would rather not wait around that long to rubberneck may want to visit this site by the American Museum of Natural History. It offers a nice computerized space trip

Tonight's Sky

Tonight's Sky These scientific videos provide a wonderful look at the constellations, planets, deep sky objects, and events that occur each month. Past shows are archived and the following month's segment is posted. This would be an excellent tool for any astronomy instructor.

Name: Brief Description of the Site: Telling about, planets, and shuttles, this site is a must bookmark for anyone wanting to keep up with the latest information on space exploration. There are Image Galleries and links to the Space News along with mission archives of the Space Shuttle. "Night Sky"