Hunter College High School Turabian Citation style sheet

Name: Hunter College High School Turabian Citation style sheet:
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Brief Description of the Site:
Any research requires proper citation. There is a standard format online (Turabian style) posted by Hunter College High School, a magnet school for gifted education. Both style sheets have been updated online for accuracy providing the guidelines for citing books, articles, audio and video source material, and computer sources. While there are many style sheets available, this one is easy, online, and includes multimedia, which students commonly use in research à and which needs complete and correct citation format.

How to use the site:
This is the sort of resource students might want to print out and keep as a reference when assembling citations for papers submitted. Up to date, concise, and following a standard format, it gives students the reference information they need when they submit their work. While older students are required to comply with more stringent citation rules, it's a very good idea to familiarize younger students with these formats. Students now have to use more sophisticated ways of finding information and the distinction between information acquired exclusively online and they can meet the demands of citation writing easily with this resource. Educators can post copies in the classroom and give students the URL to bookmark on their own computers.

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein