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Investors Predict 2015 Startup Trends

Investors Predict 2015 Startup Trends

Inventures, an online news source covering startups, asked their experts for their predictions on where the tech scene is heading. Here’s what they had to say.

* INTERNET OF THINGS—watch out for diverse interconnected devices, from sleep masks to pet cameras.

* OLD-SCHOOL HARDWARE—with the technology to build powerful devices that are very small and very cheap, we’ll see even more startups from entrepreneurs.

* 3D PRINTING—with the proliferation of applications, the future is 3D.

* STARTUPS ON THE RISE AND SLUMP—with seed funding and new forms of financing, startups will multiply—as will the number of failures.

* STRONGER STARTUP ECOSYSTEMS—watch CEE startups shaping new solutions for collaboration and coworking.

* BIG CORPORATES TEAM UP WITH STARTUPS—finally, we should see some “serious commercial cooperation.”