K-12 Decision-Makers Predict Massive Growth in EBooks

K-12 Decision-Makers Predict Massive Growth in EBooks

LightSail Education recently surveyed 475 educators on the use of ebooks and their predictions for the future market. The overall findings show a strong interest in shifting from brick and mortar libraries to digital libraries, implementing an ebook purchase model as opposed to rental/subscription models. 86% of those surveyed have admitted to researching one or more specific digital tools.

Key findings of the report:

■ K-12 leadership predicts massive growth of ebook use in schools

■ There is an overwhelming preference for The Library Purchase Model of ebooks

■ Educators displayed a preference for shifting to digital texts for reading

■ K-12 leadership is actively seeking digital tools to assist with literacy instruction

■ 90% of those surveyed currently utilize ebooks for independent reading in the classroom.

You can view the full report http://lightsailed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/LightSail-Report_State-of-the-eBook-Market_January2015.pdf