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Time is an educator’s most challenged resource. Using technology to provide teachers with actionable data that can impact instruction while automating some administrative tasks, such as grading, make teachers more efficient and better able to focus on instruction that drives student achievement. Find resources below.

Teaching Efficiency Improve Student Outcomes eBook

The most impactful intervention for struggling students is the presence of a well-qualified teacher in each classroom. By utilizing automation technology, find out how teachers can focus more productively in areas that directly impact student achievement, including direct instruction, data analysis, intervention, and collaboration with colleagues.

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Save Time and Increase Efficiency With Intelligent Grading

Watch this webinar as Tech & Learning's content director, Kevin Hogan, and his guests talk about new technology that uses multi-function printers and cloud-based software to allow teachers to recapture lost time and redirect it to impact instruction and learning outcomes. Or read the transcript.

Watchhow the Alice M. Harte Charter School in New Orleans implemented Intelligent Grading and learn how it helped teachers find more time for teaching.

Reclaiming Hours Lost to Test Grading the Promise of Intelligent Grading
Read this white paperthat details how school districts can leverage their investments in hardware and software to free up teachers to focus on increasing student achievement.

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Illuminate Education Acquires eduCLIMBER, Improves Data Analysis for Teachers and Districts promo image

Illuminate Education Acquires eduCLIMBER, Improves Data Analysis for Teachers and Districts

Irvine, CA. (December 14, 2017) — Illuminate Education, the company transforming K-12 instruction through educational intelligence solutions, has joined forces with eduCLIMBER, a unique cloud-based data system that increases efficiency and accuracy of data analysis to improve student outcomes. eduCLIMBER is based in Evansville, Wis. and currently serves hundreds of school districts.The dynamic combination will add eduCLIMBER’s data capabilities, which focus on the visualization of both academic and behavioral data, to Illuminate Education’s established Education Intelligence Platform. The companies’ aligned missions and complementary technologies will allow them to provide increasingly more useful and user-friendly data to K-12 districts through a strengthened set of product offerings.