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Making Family and Community Connections

Here’s an online workshop that looks at ways to create partnerships among schools, parents, and community.
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Here’s an online workshop that looks at ways to create partnerships among schools, parents, and community. With directed questions, videos, demonstrations, and ways to implement ideas from the workshop, you will be ready to put these concepts into action. Learn how to build partnerships by setting goals and developing activities that will help achieve these goals. Listen to an audio interview with a Harvard researcher that addresses many of the questions about family and community connections before watching videos of school programs that have implemented these strategies.

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Making Connections through Online Student Clubs

How does one take the distance out of distance education? At Florida Virtual School, one way we strive to do that is through our online clubs. We believe our clubs create a four-way community involving parents, students, teachers and the school. The clubs promote camaraderie among partners usually vastly removed

Being Connected Isn't Enough

We now provide Internet access throughout the campus. However, in a recent technology committee meeting the students and parents complained about lack of access to the Web. What else can we do? Reports listing the percentage of schools with Internet connections may make us think that we've come a long way. If

Tips for Building an Online Community

Attention school administrators: using technology to support virtual collaboration and establish an online community can serve as a useful tool to “keep the fire burning” among a planning group and help bring positive resolution to the task at hand. The value of bringing the school community and various

Connected Community Contest for rural schools launched

Discovery Education and the Foundation for Rural Service have partnered to launch the Connected Community Contest, a program that invites teachers and students in rural U.S. communities to create videos comparing and contrasting their community with a rural community in another part of the world.

Health Information for the Whole Family

Health Information for the Whole Family The American Academy of Family Physicians provides this comprehensive health information site, with sections for men, women, parents, kids, and seniors. It explains many conditions, along with their symptoms, treatment, and prevention methods. The American

Involving the Community in Assessment

We recently underwent a program review. I was surprised that parents and community members who were interviewed by the evaluation team said that they were uncertain about the impact our laptop program has had on our students’ performance. We have included updates about this in the school newsletter. What else