Parents Support Customized Digital Learning

New data commissioned by McGraw-Hill Education on parents’ views regarding digital learning in the classroom reveal resounding support among parents of students in K–12 and higher education for customized digital learning techniques over “old school” textbooks.

On the transition to digital software and technology in the classroom:

88% expect all K–12 classrooms will be plugged-in by 2025.
● 73% of K–12 parents and 78% of college parents believe textbooks cannot keep up with today’s fast-paced world.
87% of K–12 parents and 85% of college parents believe classroom lessons should be customized to meet each individual student’s needs.

Parents also believe technology can enhance the learning environment and experience for students:

91% of K–12 parents believe digital learning can enhance classroom-learning experiences.

80% of K–12 parents believe digital learning makes it easier for students to learn difficult concepts.