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PR 101: How K-12 Leaders Can Communicate Their Message the Right Way

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Are you tired of reading bad things about education in the media? Hoping to get the word out about a new initiative for your school or district? Wondering why your great story isn't getting told? Two public relations experts will share tips on determining your communications objectives, defining your audience, developing your key messaging, identifying the right media, and communicating effectively with members of the press -- as well as advice on using social media to communicate with members of the broader school community and build widespread support. Don't miss this chance to learn how to better tell your story.



E-Communications 101

More tasks than ever are heading online these days-from student projects and field trips to virtual schools and electronic professional development. The big idea is that technology saves time and effort, focuses people quickly and easily, and commands attention in a world of too many demands, distractions, and

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Podcasting 101 for K-12 Librarians You need not be a librarian to use this informative site, which provides an excellent look at podcasts. It gets down to the basics, including what podcasts are, how to access them, how to create them, and why to use them. As important as the information in