Research Shows Digital Content Increases Student Achievement

A post by Lisa Nielsen cited a recent PBS LearningMedia study that went beyond looking at the impact of technology on the ability of students to fill in bubbles on old-fashioned tests. Instead, it showed the positive impact of educational media on student achievement. Key findings include:

1 High-quality digital content had a positive impact on student content knowledge and critical thinking practices, when integrated into existing curriculum. Across subject areas (English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies), student performance on content assessments showed significant improvement, increasing by 8 percentage points.

2 On average, students outperformed national assessment norms by 10 percentage points, and students also outperformed state assessment norms by an average of 11 percentage points.

3 More than half (56 percent) of students also engaged in critical thinking practices more frequently.

4 Teachers overwhelmingly reported that PBS LearningMedia made positive contributions to their classroom practices, and many said they are now more likely to integrate digital media into their lessons.