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She's Not Just a Pretty Face

She's Not Just a Pretty Face

"She's Not Just a Pretty Face" wants middle school girls from around the globe to join in a collaborative venture that will help them learn about women who have made a significant mark in history. From January 1st - December 31, 2005, participating classrooms will work on the project activities and then share their work by posting it on the project Web site. "She's Not Just a Pretty Face" will engage students in purposeful activities that will hone their research and writing skills, their ability to transfer information into a creative/artistic medium, and their ability to articulate how their learning about strong female role models can be applied to their own lives. Students will have the opportunity to work with classrooms from across the world and to enter into a thought-provoking dialogue about how women can use their abilities and vision to make a difference in their world.

Master's Academy & College, Brenda Dyck

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Brenda Dyck