TEOMA Search Engine

Name:TEOMA Search Engine

Brief Description of the Site:
This is a relatively new search engine recently acquired by Ask Jeeves. With search engines selling more and more of their real estate (the first few sites that come up as results of a search) one must always look to new sources for mining information on the web. A team of scientists from Rutgers University developed Teoma, which is the Gaelic word for "expert." This is an opportunity to go beyond Google in the hopes of finding different source material. Teoma has a nice feature once results of a search appear. On the right of the screen additional search related links appear under "Refine" ("Suggestions to Narrow Your Search") and a section called "Resources" (additional links from "experts and enthusiasts" according to the site). Teachers might appreciate the fact that the first two results are clearly labeled as Sponsored Links so the commercial sites are easily identified.

How to use the site:
Enter a search term in the field next to the site's name, and click on the word, "Search." Boolean searches will yield different more narrowly refined results. Suggested links based on the initial search terms offer additional ways to find information. The site's appearance is visually appealing in its simplicity and navigation, with the suggestions on the right side of the screen next to the results of a search are helpful. It's helpful to find new ways of seeking information and worth comparing the results searches yield with those of the more familiar Google or Yahoo search engines.

Submitted by:
Thinkquest NYC professional development