The Balancing Act: Bridging the Gap between IT Concerns and Classroom Realities When Implementing Mobile Devices - Tech Learning

The Balancing Act: Bridging the Gap between IT Concerns and Classroom Realities When Implementing Mobile Devices

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IT staff needs to understand the realities of classroom instructional goals and educators need to be aware of the requirements and limitations of securing and supporting all technology tools used within the educational environment. In this fast-paced webinar two educators with extensive curricular and IT backgrounds will share tips, tricks, processes and approaches to enhancing collaboration and communication between IT department personnel and the instructional “side” of a school district. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but investigating the many successful approaches to enhance collaboration and communication will help educators from all sides of the fence to improve and support technology integration in the classroom.

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Tim Landeck
As the Director of Technology Services for the Pajaro Valley USD, Mr. Landeck oversee “all things technical” for 20,000 students and 2,400 staff members. He focuses on both the business services side of technology as well as the instructional side. His department is a key "bridge" between these two camps and he makes extensive effort to increase communication and understanding among technical and non-technical staff. Mr. Landeck was a classroom teacher beginning in 1989 for nine years and then began his career working at the County and District level in a technology leadership role.

Susan Brooks-Young
A former teacher, site administrator, and technology integration specialist in both public and private education, Susan currently works with educators internationally, focusing on practical technology-based strategies for effective technology implementation in classrooms. Mobile technologies and BYOD programs are areas of particular interest for her. She has published hundreds of articles and a number of books which focus on effective use of technology in schools.



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