Tripp Lite Tablet Charge and Sync Station Cabinet

Tripp Lite Tablet Charge and Sync Station Cabinet Retail Price: $600-$800, depending upon vendor and shipping costs.

The Tripp Lite 16-port charging station is compact, sturdy, and heavy. The station can sync the tablets via a USB cable to a laptop with syncing software. The station also serves as a secure storage cart for up to 16 tablets, including Chromebooks, Androids, and iPads. It can be mounted to a wall, the floor, or casters can be installed to increase mobility. The cart opens with a key and will securely protect the devices from most disasters, including students who hope to use the device without supervision.

Ease of Use: The Tripp Lite Charging Station is designed with security, heat, and wire management in mind. The cart top has two grid openings and three sides have heavy metal mesh panels to ensure good ventilation to protect devices from high temperatures. Small grommets for the devices’ power cables are mounted on the inside rack, one for each device, which make wire management very easy after the initial setup. The power cord plugs into a power strip inside and fits through a tight fitting grommet in the top that plugs into an electrical outlet for charging the devices. The supporting paper materials have illustrated pictures of the various parts. However, it was challenging to figure out where to plug in the cord in the inside of the case. The port is in the back on the underside of the rack that supports the tablets, and it is not clearly indicated in the pictures.

Creative Use of Technology: This cart is engineered to maximize security to protect tablets from theft and overheating while providing an easy-to-manage environment for a classroom teacher. After setup, teachers will appreciate the easy access front door and the organized power cords.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: This cart can be installed in any learning space, hallway, or classroom. Without casters, the Tripp Lite Charging Station would function ideally in a permanent location given the dimensions (14.5 x 23.6 x 17.5”) and weight (29 lbs.) of the cart. The charging stations are stackable and have an optional handle and rolling casters so they can become mobile carts for tablets.


The Tripp Lite Charging Station is solidly constructed of heavy-duty metal that can withstand much force. Its wire management capacity is superior to some other carts, which will reduce the time teachers spending removing and replacing devices inside.


• The Tripp Lite Charging and Syncing Station is solidly constructed of metal and has several strong mesh screens to ensure good air circulation that will keep devices cool.

• The Tripp Lite Charging and Syncing Station has superior wire management capacity built into the tablet rack inside. No more chasing cords to unravel one tablet from the next with this station.

• The Tripp Lite Charging and Syncing Station provides a good value and will help schools protect their important device assets.