U101 College Search

Name:U101 College Search

Brief Description of the Site:
Too bad this site (and the Internet) didn't exist when most of us were still high school juniors. It's a listing of 3000+ colleges and universities in the U.S. plus Canada, the Caribbean, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Suppose back in those days a friend had said "how about Bay State in Massachusetts?" Had this site existed you would have clicked on the "Massachusetts" button, opening a page of links for every college in that state, located Bay State (it's in Boston), and clicked - thus arriving at Bay State's home page, where you could learn about the college and its specialties (it's a private two-year college geared to help students enter business, health, or fashion areas). The site also has helpful links for college planning, including a timeline for one's junior and senior high school years, how to line up letters of recommendation, etc.

How to use the site:
Obviously college and career counselors would want to recommend this site to their clients. Teachers seeking engaging term-paper projects could assign students to compare/contrast the colleges in a particular state, or in several states. For example, students in Minnesota would probably find it eye-opening to compare the various offerings of Minnesota State with the University of Minnesota. They could also evaluate the offerings of their state's schools with those of neighboring states.

Submitted by:
April Archambault