Vernier Go Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Vernier Go Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Retail Price: $89

The Vernier Go Wireless Heart Rate Monitor is for continuously monitoring heart rate before, during, and after exercise, or while a person is stationary. Data can be wirelessly transmitted to iPad, LabQuest 2, or Android devices.

Quality and Effectiveness: The Vernier Go Wireless Heart Rate Monitor is a lightweight and durably built device. It consists of two wireless hand grips connected by a sturdy coiled wire that allows them to simultaneously collect data from both hands to ensure accurate measurements. The unit consists of a thick plastic shell and stainless steel sensor areas. The plastic is slightly textured to help you keep your grip when hands are slick from working out and the grips are easy to clean. The small, battery-operated Bluetooth sensor is connected to the unit by two snaps that securely hold it to the device.

Ease of Use: The Go Wireless Heart Rate Monitor is very straightforward to use. Simply snap on the Bluetooth sensor and pair it with your mobile device that has the free Graphical Analysis app for Android or iOS. (You will need an iPad or iPad mini—3rd generation or newer, iPhone 4s or newer, or a 5th generation or newer iPod.) If you are already a Vernier user, you can connect it to the LabQuest 2 app (version 2.5 or newer) with or without Bluetooth via their heart rate receiver and one of their logging software solutions. Once the data is collected it can be analyzed in a variety of ways. Multiple readings can be overlaid onto one graph for comparison. Students can also select a certain time period to analyze that displays the selected statistics such as numbers of samples, mean beats per minute (bpm), minimum/maximum bpm, as well as standard deviation. The data can also be shared in a variety of ways directly from the mobile device.

Creative Use of Technology: The device is flexible. You can use it as a standalone station to get measurements or put it in the hands of the students while they are running or moving about to collect real-time data. The accompanying app is very easy to use and allows data points to be studied and compared. Plus, the ability to export the information in a variety of ways gives students and teachers flexibility and collaboration capabilities.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: The Go Wireless Heart Rate Monitor is very suitable for a school environment. It is built to stand up to the rigors of daily use and abuse. The parts are modular and replaceable as well, so the Bluetooth monitor can be removed or replaced with ease. The included five-year warranty is also a nice addition.


The Go Wireless Heart Rate Monitor is a nice device that can be used in a variety of educational settings, from science class to physical education and sports training. It gives students and teachers the ability to visualize the data in real time, which can be very powerful as a teaching tool.


• Easy to connect with a variety of devices.

• Data collection and analysis is easy and accurate.

• Ability to export data via other print, apps, and social media.