wagglepractice.comRetail Price: Waggle: $9.99/student/discipline (math or ELA) or $17.99 for both disciplines Waggle Premium: $17.99/student/discipline (includes the entire content library) or $32.99 for both disciplines

Quality and Effectiveness: Waggle is a Web-based program that allows students in grades 2–8 to effectively practice math and/or ELA skills. Student practice is individualized, with customized feedback, and is well organized. The program focuses on three key metrics: proficiency, grit, and pacing levels. Teachers have access to all levels, with a heads up on students or skills to watch. Reports, which are simple to use, include graphics that help teachers monitor classes, groups, or individual students. Teachers can create groups and assign students to those groups. Work is organized according to goals and skills. Teachers receive actionable information about their students to inform instruction. Professional development is available to help ensure implementation success (PD workshop series as well as live chat for program or tech questions), along with ongoing support for teachers.

Ease of Use: Waggle’s sharp, clear, and colorful screens are simple to navigate. Students should find it easy to use the program, with its interactive experiences—hints, text-to-speech feature, and feedback for answers. Navigation includes point-and-click options, drag-and-drop, and drop-down menus for selecting responses or information. Students receive instant feedback when they click on a button to ask if their answer is correct. Hints and written feedback are given if they need to reconsider their response. Math tools (ruler, protractor, and basic and scientific calculators) are available at the click of a mouse. ELA exercises use clear fiction and nonfiction passages at each grade level with written directions onscreen. Teachers can easily add students and groups and access graphic reports for individuals, groups, or classes.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Waggle is easy to integrate into the school setting. It offers different implementation models—in-class, extended learning time, RTI, data teams, summer school, or homework—so districts can choose how to use the program. The program provides personalized practice (each goal encompasses a set of skills and standards) and gives teachers quick summary windows showing the progress of individual students or groups toward their goals. If the premium level is purchased, teachers also have access to the entire content library. This is a suite of three titles for each grade level with resource materials for lessons. It is searchable by skill, standard, or student so teachers can find additional materials for instruction. With this model, teachers in need of instant materials for struggling students can use the “Find Additional Materials” button on their screen for immediate instructional materials.


Waggle is an excellent program. It is difficult to find a well-priced, quality program for individualized practice offering students in math and/or ELA that has strong student and teacher support. Waggle, with its solid but flexible programming, fits the bill.


Quality, easy-to-use, individualized practice program in math and/or ELA for grades 2–8.

Students can work independently after their teacher sets the goal.

Teachers can easily access information on student progress.