What’s Next for Teacher Readiness and Digital Learning

Laptop computer with lock and key emerging from the monitor

More than 514,000 educators, students, parents, and community members shared their views as part of the Speak Up 2016 Research Project for Digital Learning. The data reveals some top trends as well as insights into teacher readiness to adopt digital tools. Following are seven top trends in digital learning:

■ Funding, the achievement gap, and staff morale top the list of superintendents’ concerns.
■ Administrators say data-informed instruction, social media communications, and online assessments are generating positive student results.
■ Online videos and games top the list of types of digital content used in classrooms.
■ Students use mobile devices ( for learning) differently when they’re directed by a teacher than they do when they’re self-directing their own learning.
■ Teachers, administrators, parents, and students remain on different pages when it comes to using technology for learning.
■ Social media plays a role in learning for students and educators.
■ Parents prefer receiving personal emails with information from their child’s school.

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