EducationTechnology News: 4 Forthcoming Events

EducationTechnology News: 4 Forthcoming Events

Event 1: ResearchEd

Tomorrow, ie Saturday 10th September, sees the annual ResearchEd conference in London. I attended my first one last year, and was extremely impressed. Looking at this year's agenda, there is plenty of variety -- and I'm delighted to see that Marilyn Leask, Sarah Younnie, Jon Audain and Christina Preston are speaking. Why delighted? Because I know them, know their work and I like the fact that the conference is affording academics the opportunity to bring their findings to a wider audience.

I'm not entirely sure I can attend myself although I hope to. If I do, I'll report on it in the next issue of the Digital Education newsletter. If you attend, feel free to offer an article for the newsletter as well.

I wrote about two ResearchEd conferences earlier this year, and interviewed Tom Bennett, the founder. In case you missed them, you'll find those articles in my pre-Bett newsletter.

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