11 attributes of the ideal ICT and Computing inspector

11 attributes of the ideal ICT and Computing inspector

September 20, 2016

Should an inspector come to look at your ICT or Computing provision, what sort of "qualifications" would you like them to have?

I've placed the word qualifications in quotation marks, because I don't think that formal qualifications are necessarily the most important. If you disagree, then feel free to add something like "Has a degree in Computer Science" to my list. However, given that in England at least there isn't a surfeit of teachers with a qualification in Computer Science, I don't think inspectors with such a degree is a realistic proposition. At least, not yet.

So, here is my list.

They have taught the subject...

To some extent, an expert in teaching in one subject can evaluate a lesson in any subject, because there are common criteria to look at. For example, are the pupils on task, is there a good atmosphere, conducive to learning, do the pupils give you good answers when you ask questions like, "Why are you doing this?".

Nevertheless, an expert in the subject itself will be able to tell whether or not the pupils are asking incisive questions and, crucially, whether the teacher's answers are correct.

Plus, having taught the subject is necessary for establishing credibility.

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